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Day To Day Hypermarket Baniyas Branch

4-Day Sale in Day To Day Hypermarket Baniyas Branch starts April 28-May 01, 2021.

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Good Quality and Affordable are two things that are very difficult to find, its either you get Good Quality but Expensive or Affordable but Low Quality. These are the most important things when it comes to selecting the items for you to bring home, or useful for office or gift items for family and friends.

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Only Day To Day knows what you love, we have mastered the right combination of both “Quality and Affordability”.
We are fast in bringing you the best selection, trending items, and even the hard to find items are here, that is why we remain to be one of the “Top Discount Stores in the UAE” and everyone knows the reason why.

What you can find in our men’s section are t-shirts, polo shirts, sports wear, office attire and all things that you need to express yourself without hesitations.

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One of the most visited area in Day To Day Deira Branch is the Men’s Section.  It consists of garments such as sports wear, underpants, jeans, polo shirts, long-sleeves, shoes and backpacks.  Even the hard to find items, which are trending online are here.

Very good quality for a very low price, we also have items that are great gift items for every occasion.  We know whats best with great design,  best selling items that men out there will love to wear.

So always come and visit us to check how much big savings you will get when you shop in Day To Day Discount Stores, one of the Top Discount Store in the UAE.