A Summer Look

An easy to do summer look. For  an all-day everyday wear for office, meeting do-over.

How to Achieve A Summer Look


The sun is friend but if you stay longer than necessary, the heat & UV Rays will make you pay for it with dried skin, early aging, & so on. Now comes SPF or Skin Protection Factor, you have heard about them if you are planning to stay out on the beach typically as a topical lotion or moisturizer. But did you know that cosmetics like foundations, lipsticks, etc also has that, if you only asked for it. Our Deborah Milano cosmetic products from Italy has these. Combined with other products can make up a nice summer look that is long lasting, smudge-proof, sweat-proof that can last the whole day. Deborah & Day To Day made this tutorial to give you an idea. Scroll below to get the product details.

Products Used


  1. Deborah Milano Face Perfect Primer - used as a base for your foundation to cling on. It provides a matte-finish base, fills up small pores to make a flat & smooth skin. Best if applied in a T-zone area where there is a high density of oil glands like forehead, chin, nose, cheeks. Apply and blend well on skin.
  2. Deborah Milano Dress Me Perfect Cushion Foundation - hypoallergenic powder based foundation with SPF 30 perfect for day outing. Use the cushion provided & apply evenly upwards to prevent sagging & maintain a smooth base.
  3.  Deborah Milano La Cipria Compact Face Powder - There are 8 shades available & you should use based on your skin tone. For fair skin use shades #24, #29, #30, #42 & for darker tone use shades #33, #34, #40, #41 or consult our beauty specialists on the floor.
  4. Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eyebrow Pencil - to create a fuller looking brow we used #282 for the shade. Experiment with different shades or ask our beauty specialist on the floor.
  5. Deborah Milano Dress Me Perfect Liquid Concealer - normally used to cover or conceal small imperfections, but in this case we use it to create a perfect line to highlight the eyebrow. Available in different shades, in this case we used #01 Light Beige. Consult with our beauty experts to get the right tone for you.
  6. Deborah Milano 24 Ore EXTRA Eye Liner - Felt-tip pen type for more accurate, mistake-proof application. We used BLACK shade in our video, it is available in shades of olive, blue, brown. Ask our experts.
  7. Deborah Milano 24 Ore Absolute Volume Mascara - to add more definition, length to your eyelash to give a sense of volume to those beautiful eyelashes. This product is smudge-proof so even if it is touched your skin while blinking or someone accidentally touches it, it keeps it definition & does not leave any marks.
  8. Deborah Milano Contouring Palette - now here is where the magic begins. Create depth & shadow or give highlights some definition using the palette's 3 shades.
  9. Deborah Milano Absolute Lasting Liquid Lipstick - essential if you want lipstick to last long. For day wear, it suggested to use only the color side of the lipstick. But if you want to put an extra shine to the color, apply the shine at the other end of the tube.

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