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things you can do with

Save Space Use Hangers


So you got a cluttered cupboard, closet, cabinet that you've been dying to arrange for a long time now. Your shirts, belts, socks, they are everywhere. Organizing for you means squeezing them into the tiniest of spaces you can find. Who can blame you, we are living a life that is so busy, so much time spent outside that our rooms are just one big storage place. Living spaces has become smaller & smaller. Sometimes you feel that you need to dispose some of those things just to free up some space. That could help. Start by removing your seasonal clothes (Ex. winter) & those you seldom use by folding them nicely, put them in plastics & vacuum sealing them (taking the air out) & putting them in unused luggage you don't normally use & store them under the bed or other storage space. If this doesn't help, then here you might consider letting go of some of those things. Around the UAE, Dubai in particular, you can find donation counters, donation bins, in which you can drop items you no longer need like shoes, clothes, blankets, etc, which others will find more use of. Now that you have your "bare essentials" you can now start de-cluttering your closet & making them more organized, more tidy-looking. And all you need is a HANGER (& some other small stuff). HANGERS? HOW? Watch the video.

Aren't those so easy to make? With some creativity, some items you take for granted at home & even those that are already bound for the trashbin can take on a new lease on life. Use can use them also to hang neckties, belts, shawls, necklaces, etc.


Having too much of sunglasses & running out of place to put them? How about a hanger?



It's so easy to organize but you would need effort in setting up time to do this. With all these simple instructions, we promise you that you will have your room looking nice & organized & you did not even spent a fortune to do it.


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