Rediscover Ramadan this year at Day To Day. The time of Ramadan is a special season for us.


ramadan with us

Rediscover Ramadan this year at Day To Day. The time of Ramadan is a special season for us.

Ramadan is a Special Time for Day To Day.


Ramzan or Ramadan is being observed by all Muslim faithfuls all over the world. The word Ramadan is actually the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. It commemorates the first revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The month of Ramadan lasts for about 29-30 days depending on the sighting of the crescent moon. During which time, the faithful observes fasting from dawn til dusk, engages in deep prayers, increased charity to all fellowmen (zakat), & more restraint from doing bad behaviors, thus remaining humble.


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What To Expect During Ramadan


During Ramadan, food can only be served or taken in two occassions, during suhur or pre-dawn meal and during iftar where the faithful breaks his fast for the day. Know more about how to prepare for fasting before going on this month long observance. In the UAE, most of the restaurants are closed until iftar and if open during the day, allowed only for takeaways.




If you are new in the UAE & Ramadan practices, there are things you should know that violation of which can land you either in jail or fine or both. Please watch above video.



Fine of not more than AED 2000 & a jail term of not exceeding one month if anyone is caught eating in public in the UAE during fasting times, applicable to Muslims & non-Muslims, tourists or residents, alike. You have been warned.


Working hours in most offices in the UAE are 2 hours less during Ramadan & you will see a "mad rush" of vehicles & pedestrians on the roads. UAE traffic statistics say that during Ramadan is one of the season that many accidents occur due to lack of concentration, distraction from their mobile phones, & just going over the speed limit to get home to break their fast. Thus many people say that it is better to let the "mad rush" subside & leave office at a later time. It is advised that UAE residents practice patience & tolerance on the roads.


Many restaurants in the UAE offer hearty, bountiful buffet during iftar or the breaking of the fast, thus most of them are crowded & can sometimes be frustrating if you cannot get a seat. It is a common practice in the UAE to call ahead of iftar & reserve your table to avoid frustration. Most of the restaurants will also offer buffets at discounted prices.


But nothing beats a fresh home-cooked iftar dinner served & enjoyed with family & friends. It is also said that it is considered impolite if you turn down an iftar dinner invitation from a Muslim friend. There are also community iftar served in most local mosques served for the faithful.


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Ramadan is also a time for buying gifts & sharing blessings.


Giving gifts during Ramadan is not uncommon & in fact encouraged, especially towards our less fortunate fellowmen, regardless of religion. It is said that during Ramadan, the spiritual rewards are doubled for the faithful if the tenets of Ramadan is adhered & practiced. This is why we at Day To Day will offer our customers more value for their money during Ramadan.


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Ramadan Kareem

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