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we have more in store

Tasty Ramadan Meal

Easy To Prepare Healthy Tasty Recipes

See the cooking demo

tasty ramadan meal

easy to prepare healthy tasty recipes

See the cooking demo

A Summer Look

Make Up That Can Stand Up To Summer

I Wanna See This Tutorial

a summer look

make up that can stand up to summer

I Wanna See This Tutorial

Spending Ramadan in the UAE?

practices you should know

I Wanna Know

Spending Ramadan in the UAE?

practices you should know

I Wanna Know


Winners Were Drawn

We have drawn the winners of the Day To Day Baniyas Square Phone Madness promotion. See if you know someone on the list.

How To

de-clutter your closet using HANGERS

 Really? Let's See This

how to

de-clutter your closet using HANGERS

 Really? Let's See This

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We are not called "The best discount shopping center chain store in Dubai" for nothing. Our reputation for quality products at affordable prices, extended ranges of product lines & offering did not come easy for us. From our establishment in 1999, we had & still continue to bring you only the best products & brands you come to love into our stores at discount prices. Products & brands we personally use over the years, our customers & patrons can continue to trust us to provide the latest trends, technologies, products at very competitive prices because we know the value of each dirham for our customers.


We have four main branches in Dubai for your convenience. Feel free to click on the image below to find our convenient locations across Dubai.



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